Welcome to Poochability Dog Training.  My name is Laurie Burnam and I am professional dog trainer.  I can’t imagine life without animals in it.  Ever since I was little, there has been dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and many other creatures around. As a result of my passion for animals, dog training has become my life’s work.  Please read more! ….

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Taking care of an aged parent and dog go hand in hand. Much of what I learned for my dog came from taking care of my mom and vice versa. At age 88 my mother had dementia and diabetes, one affecting the other quite rapidly, requiring her to be placed in a...

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What Kind of Collar Should I Get for My Dog?

I receive this question a lot.  With so many collars on the market, I know it can be confusing to the average dog owner. Lets take a few minutes to address this question.   The first thing to address is your dog's age and size. For the purposes of this article, I...

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Braided Flat Leashes

Braided Flat Leashes by Laurie Burnam – As a dog trainer, I work with all sorts of pet products. One of my favorite products to work with are the Nylon Flat Braided Leashes, which I highly recommend to my clients.

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What Kind of Toys Should I Get for My Dog?

They're not as important as food and water, but dog toys cannot be overlooked. They can prevent dogs from exhibiting destructive behavior and can also help with separation anxiety. Like children, dogs like some toys better than others and each dog is different. While...

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When Should I Start Training My Dog?

Clients often ask me, "When should I start training my dog? Can old dogs learn new tricks?" The truth is, if you are living with your dog you are already training her! Every word, every, touch, every interaction of any kind is dog training. The real question is what...

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