Hi, I’m Laurie Burnam, creator of Poochability.  We offer a variety of educational classes for dog owners to develop a solid bond and a healthy relationship with their dogs. 
The goal of all of our training classes is to help families learn to live well with their dogs without the use of force or harsh punishment. All our training is with positive rewards, just like us going to work and getting a pay check, each dog has their own pay check criteria, either food, toys, pets and/or praises, and we aim to meet their needs.

My Poochability training classes allow me to evaluate your unique goals and needs, and to design a program that makes training your dog part of your every day life.  Whether you want to just have a well mannered family pet, or go into competition events, either in Obedience, Rally or Agility, with Poochability you can obtain these goals. Puppies who have trained the “Poochability Way” develop into confident, emotionally healthy adult dogs!  Additionally, adult dogs of all ages learn quickly with these same techniques due to high motivation and low stress levels.


Training programs are offered at various locations. I invite you to learn more about me and the Poochability training methods we use and offer. If you feel that we can help you develop a better relationship with your dog, please contact me to make arrangements for a consultation. Thank you for visiting Poochability Dog Training. We look forward to assisting you!

 Match Run-Through


Laurie Burnam and Poochability Dog Training is Offering


Need to practice obedience and rally in a trial like setting? 

Want distractions to make training harder but trialing easier?

Come to my monthly matches usually held on Saturdays!

(Days and dates subject to change due to other events happening.)

If you want the ASCA rally signs as well as the AKC ones, let me know in advance.
Check the calendar often and also get on my reminder email lists.
Louise Park on Sherman Way (See Details Below)

Louise Park on Sherman Way in Van Nuys

7140 Louise Ave, Van Nuys 91604
Southeast corner of Louise Avenue and Sherman Way
Just 1/2 mile west of Balboa Blvd in the San Fernando Valley


Nested courses for Rally Novice, Advanced, Excellent & Masters
Three Obedience rings for Novice, Open, & Utility
$5.00 per run or 3 runs for $12.00
Entries at 9:00 AM, judging to follow


View the Calendar for Details!


When using any training device or toy, please be aware of dogs nature to grab, chew and swallow any item in your possession. See Home Page, Training Info, How to use the training equipment, page 4 and 5, Attention Heeling with the Training Aid for instructional use.