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I got a Mini Me!

Scusi would have been a great dog to breed, as her temperament is the best towards adults, children, any type puppy or adult dog and her work ethic incredible. But alas it would be too hard for me to whelp a litter, so I did the next best thing. When a good friend’s (Paddy Warner), adorable Aussie (Kippy) had a litter, I found my next puppy, one to have another journey with and a companion for Scusi. Meet Tinseltown Electric Speedster, aka Tesla. She looks like Scusi and her personality is very similar, outgoing, loving people and willing to learn everything. The two get along incredibly so life is good. Let’s see what fun things she will do in her lifetime.


62 Titles Plus 1 Award

2019 –3 Titles

On August 24 at age 4 ¾ months old, Tesla earned her AKC CGC title from Linda Brooks, her first to hopefully a long list of achievements. She is so willing to learn and do what is asked. On Sept 11/12 she earned her Novice Trick TKN and Intermediate Trick TKI titles #1, 2 & 3. We have been training in the rally sign courses, obedience and agility exercises so let’s see what comes of it. Can’t wait…

2020 – 19 Titles including an award

Well life hit us all with the Covid-19 virus putting a stop on all activity outside the home. We are on lock down. Darn hope everyone is ok. I decided to take advantage of the virtual classes AKC offers while we are at home.

May 28 at just over a year old she earned the Video submission Advanced Trick TKA title #4. Aug 23 she earned her third Rally Q, with scores of 99, 96, 98 and the Rally Novice title RN #5. Sept 12 the third Rally Q with scores of 99, 94, 97 for the Rally Intermediate title RI #6.

I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend, Nancy, to use her agility fields to earn Virtual NADAC titles once she reached 1 ½ years old. From Sept 1 to Nov 25 she earned 16 Intro level titles in Regular, Jumpers, Chances, Touch n Go, Tunnelers, Weavers, Hoopers and Barrelers. 6 to an Outstanding Performance title and 2 to a Superior Performance Title, also obtaining the Intro Versatility Award for titling in all 8 classes offered. Titles #7 to 23

2021 – 11 Titles

Things were quiet as far as trialing until the end of April when I entered Tesla in AKC Agility and the end of May in ASCA Agility, jumping at 16” until she is more experienced, then will go up to 20”. Soon she earned her ASCA Novice Gamblers Ace title GSA-N, AKC Novice Fast Pref title NFP, Standard Pref title NAP, and NADAC Outstanding Hoopers Intro title O-HP-I. Titles # 24 to 27

In Sept AKC offered a Virtual Scent Work class, so my friend Linda and I changed venues, read up on the rules, placed certain items hidden throughout the home and yard, videoed our runs and achieved the Beginning VSWB, the Intermediate VSWI and the Experience VSWE titles. What fun this was to partake in and Tesla loved the challenges. Titles #28, 29, 30.

Then in Nov back to ASCA agility earning the Novice Ace Jumpers JSA-N, Novice Ace Regular titles RSA-N & Novice Ace Gamblers Outstanding performance GSA-N –OP titles. For not having any formal training, she is doing a fabulous job, although very excitable, jumping on me, herding me when I run or get behind her, but has great potential, many parts are super duper. Started classes at Jump City and with Olga, so that will help our game. Dec earned her AKC Novice Jumpers Preferred title NJP and her first leg in Open Fast. Title    #31 to #34

2022 –11 Titles

Ever trying to find activities for the dogs to do, Linda Brooks offered to evaluate her for the CGC-A and the CGC-U, which we passed with flying colors, Title #35 & 36.

In AKC agility she earned her Open Fast Preferred Title OFP, Novice Standard NA and Novice Jumpers NAJ #37, 41, 42, ASCA  GSA-O, JSA-N-OP, GS-N, RS-N, JS-N, GS-O Titles #38, 39, 40, 43, 44, 45, one at the ASCA Nationals, and in NADAC Grounders Intro S-GR-I a new combo of Hoopers and Barrelers already added to the previous tally.                                                                   At the ASCA National Specialty in Bryan, Texas with a prefect score of 200++ in Novice Rally, beating out the two other 200 teams with the faster time, and 42 other teams for 1st place and High Scoring Novice Rally Dog her 2nd Q. The first time in a live ring she earned 1st place 199++, again beating the two others with 199. In Beginning Novice Obedience her first time in those rings, she earned a 195 and a 197+, this time winning the run off doing the heeling pattern again, thus got the 3rd place, they got 4th.  We also were on a Team Rally Tinseltown Goes Hollywood and took 3rd place out of 6 teams. Out of 16 classes entered we got 11 placements, 6-1sts, 1-2nd, 3-3rds, 1-4th. Fabulous girlie!


2023 –  18 Titles

ASCA – Regular Standard Open RS-O, Jumpers Standard Open JS-O, Open Gamblers Outstanding Performance GS-O-OP and Jumpers Standard Open Outstanding Performance JS-O-OP #46, 47, 48, 49.                                                          ASCA Rally Novice RN & RNX #50 & 51.   AKC Agility Open Standard and Open Jumpers OA & OAJ #52 & 53.                   ASCA Agility Open Gamblers Superior GS-O-SP #54. ASCA Elite Regular and Elite Jumpers RS-E & JS-E #55 & 56.                   AKC Novice Fast NF #57.  AKC Open Fast OF #58, Excellent Jumpers AXJ #59 plus High in Class all heights 12.60 seconds under course time.                                                  ASCA Rally Advanced RA  RAX and Beginning Novice BN #60, 61, 62 all with perfect 200 scores.                                             AKC Excellent Fast XF #63.




When using any training device or toy, please be aware of dogs nature to grab, chew and swallow any item in your possession. See Home Page, Training Info, How to use the training equipment, page 4 and 5, Attention Heeling with the Training Aid for instructional use.