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StarN Ewe Meant To Intervene aka Scusi

AKC –  

Agility          NA  NAJ   NF  OA  OAJ   OF  AX  AXJ   MXJ  XF MF  T2B

Obedience  CGC   CGCA  CGCU  BN   CD  CDX   UD  VERSATILITY   TKN  TKI  TKA                                                                                                                  

Herding       HT  PT    HSAs         AHBA  JHD

Rally            RN  RA  RE  RAE  

The AKC Achiever Certificate



Agility       RS-N  JS-N  JS-N-OP  GS-N  RS-O  JS-O  JS-O-OP                                                             GS-O  GS-O-OP  GS-O-SP  RS-E     JS-E   JS-E-OP    GS-E  

Obedience  CD   CDX   ODX  UD

Herding       STDs

Rally            RN/RNX  RA/RAX  RE/REX   RM/RMX   REM/REMX  RTX


NADAC –    Agility  BA  NAC   NJC   TG-N    EGT-N     TN-N


67 titles

Goals: Every year I start out making goals for my personal life and with my dogs activities and trials. At the end of the year I reflect on whether I have achieved those goals. So far with Scusi, I have and so much more to come.    Born on February 24, 2012      

2013 – 3 titles                                                                                                                      

Herding- achieved her AKC Herding Test title at 19 months old                                                  

Obedience – achieved her CGC and CGCA from AKC                                                                                          

2014 – 21 titles                                                                                                                            

Agility- achieved 7 titles in Beginning Agility, Novice Jumpers, Standard, Gamblers & Tunnelers with AKC, ASCA and NADAC.  

Herding- achieved 2 titles in AKC Pre Trial and AHBA Junior Herding Dog.                      

Rally- achieved 9 titles, 6 perfect scores, 2 ASCA High in Trials, 17-1st places, in Novice, Advanced & Excellent with AKC and ASCA. Qualified for the AKC National Rally Championships in Tulsa, Okla, in Novice and Advanced by obtaining all scores above 90.

Obedience- achieved 3 titles, 3-1st places in Beginning Novice & Novice with AKC and ASCA

At the ASCA National Specialty in Bryan, Texas, Scusi qualified in all the MVA (Most Versatile Aussie) classes we entered, agility, conformation, obedience, rally and stock, thus coming in 30th out of 70 entries for MVA. Many of her classes were in the novice level, so only obtained the lowest points allowed, but was enough to do the job right. This was our first time in MVA and I am so proud of her going from one ring to another, in different venues and doing it all with ease. Will try again in 2016 in Albany, Oregon.                                                                             

2015 – 15 titles                                                                                                                          

Agility – achieved 11 titles in Novice Standard, Jumpers, Touch & Go, Gaters, Open Std, Jumpers, Gamblers with AKC, ASCA & NADAC. For the year end Paul Kirk Silver Buckle series, Scusi came in 4th place for the Open division from ASCA and NADAC classes entered.

Herding – achieved 1 title in ASCA Started sheep title