Wednesdays at Camino Real Park in Ventura off Mills Rd & Dean St.

12:00 to 1:00 or 2:00 to 3:00
Competition Obedience Class (Novice, Open and Utility
Rally Class (Novice, Intermediate/Advanced, Excellent


The first ½ hour the group class begins with how to get your dog to watch you while heeling and the proper footwork for right, left, about turns, halts, fast & slow pace. I cover all the obedience exercises of figure 8’s, stand for examination and recalls both straight and the drop through the crowd of dogs and people. I teach hand signals for stand, down, sit and start to add distractions to your dog while maintaining attention. We work on straight fronts, left and right finishes, catch up heeling and work on the group sits and downs exercises.   


The second ½ hour a ring is set up for the novice, open and utility obedience exercises and we start to proof the dog with major distractions, talking to dog, toys, treats on the ground etc. Dumbbell work, gloves, utility articles, go outs and directed jumping in taught, breaking down each task step by step. Really fine-tune the exercises for all levels to achieve a better performance in the trial setting.  


There is a rally course set up that is nested for all four levels where you learn the novice, intermediate/advanced, excellent and masters rally signs, plus the regulations and point deductions are reviewed for optimum performance. Tips are given on how to get a better performance from you and your dog.  



3:00 to 4:00 Basic Obedience Class  


For those who either just want a well-behaved dog and don’t want to compete with a new puppy/older dog or need the basic exercises to start your competition career, I will show you how to get them to walk nicely on a leash, meet people and other dogs in a mannerly fashion, sit, down, stand, stay, come, and leave it. I also incorporate various exercises to have fun with your dog like an agility tunnel, weave poles, jumps, intro to rally, nose work search and tricks of all kinds.  


Each class is $95.00 for 6-weeks, 1 hour or if you enter two classes or have two dogs the price is reduced to $170.00. There is a $20.00 drop in rate for any of the classes. I do allow for 2 missed classes in each 6-week series.   


                                                   Valley Hills Obedience Club    


Congregational Church of the Chimes 14115 Magnolia Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Calif  91423    


VHOC offers a number of classes for pet owners looking to master simple K9 manners and dog enthusiasts looking to earn High in Trial!     


The following classes are held at Church of the Chimes corner of Magnolia Blvd. and Hazeltine Ave.

 Check out their website at:



Beginning Obedience & Manners Class 


Instructed by club member Laurie Burnam, this six-week class is designed for pet owners looking for instruction in basic obedience. The class covers basic behaviors such as walking nicely on a leash, sit, down, stay, come, stand and leave it. Also offers a taste of typical competitive obedience exercises, rally obedience, nose work search, tricks and agility tunnels, weave poles and jumps for students looking to further their training experience. Class meets on the grass field from 6:30-7:30 on Thursdays. Cost is $100.00 for the 6 week series or $20.00 per class. No make-up classes are allowed. For more information, please contact Laurie Burnam at (818) 882-0443 or via email at 



                                                       BEGINNING AGILITY CLASS


Instructed by club member Laurie Burnam, this six-week class will give you the basic techniques to teach your dog to jump, to go through a tunnel, to learn how to maneuver weave poles, and have a stay on the start line. Then learn how to navigate an agility course using front, rear and blind crosses. Teach your dog to work away from you while performing each obstacle.  Various drills will be offered as well as small courses to navigate. All dogs must be stable around other dogs and can work relatively well-off leash. ”                     Thursday evenings, 7:45 to 8:45, $140.00 for 6-weeks or $30.00 per class non-club member, $120.00 for 6-weeks or $25.00 for VHOC members





This class is designed for dog and handler teams who want to work towards their CD/CDX/UD titles. The first half of class is a group setting, focusing on attention heeling, fine tuning footwork and handling skills, figure 8’s, stand/moving stand for exam, recalls, straight and drop, fronts/finishes, distractions, plus sits & downs. Second half of class students will work on Open and Utility exercises and complete run throughs. All dogs should have a good, solid foundation, possibly obtained by the Beginning Competitive Obedience Class taught by Patti Rovtar on Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to 8:30pm at Church of the Chimes


Class meets from 7:30 – 8:30p.m. on Tuesdays, $125.00 for 6-weeks or $25.00 per drop in non-VHOC member, $100.00 for 6-weeks or $20.00 drop in for VHOC member.                               Sorry no make-up classes are allowed.                                                                                            
For more information please contact:  Laurie Burnam   818-882-0443 




This class is designed to familiarize students with the various exercises performed throughout the AKC AND ASCA Novice, Intermediate/Advanced, Excellent and Masters level Rally Obedience. Each week a course is nested to showcase the various signs used in competition. Multi level classes will meet from 6:30-7:30p.m. on Tuesdays, cost for a six week series is $100. VHOC members, $125. for non-members. Drop-ins at $20. for VHOC members, and $25. for non-members, with instructor’s approval. No make-up classes are allowed. For more information, please contact Laurie at (818) 882-0443 or 

Scout went from RN to RAE in 3 years shown 30 times achieving 8 perfect 100’s, 15 1st places with an average score of 97.


Contact:   Laurie Burnam                                                                                                      (818) 784-8440 home                                                                                                        (818) 427-3032 cell



When using any training device or toy, please be aware of dogs nature to grab, chew and swallow any item in your possession. See Home Page, Training Info, How to use the training equipment, page 4 and 5, Attention Heeling with the Training Aid for instructional use.