PVC Training Box




PVC training box with 2 front interchangeable bars.  4 pieces.
36″ long by 9″ wide and 16″ wide. Custom sizes also available.


Practice area for a variety of exercises, including teaching straight fronts, right finishes, signals for stay, sit, down and stand, moving stand, a quick drop on recall, the perfect “Go out” target, quick dumbbell or glove pick up, not breaking the sit or down on the group exercise, etc.


 1. Straight Sit
 2. Stand
 3. Down
 4. Fronts
 5. Right finishes
 6. Drop on recall
 7. Dumbbell pick up
 8. Glove pick up
 9. Signal stay
10. Moving stand stay
11. Go out turn and sit
12. Group sits & downs


Extra shipping charges of $10.00